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Palmetto Christian Pages was founded on the idea that Christian business owners would be able to freely advertise their business while proclaiming their faith. We offer a unique advertisement directory to the community, which promotes businesses that operate on Biblical principles. We want our advertisements to stand out as a known, reliable source for businesses that are trustworthy and honest.

We have incorporated a networking group Palmetto Christian Networking.  Our hope is to help one another grow by building a network of businesses to use and refer to one another. We want to see each Christian business continue to grow and be successful. Our financial income goes further than regular advertising as we give by tithing and give toward ministries that we are passionate about.

Help us impact Myrtle Beach and surrounding areas!

From The Founder:

When your waves crash…

Welcome to Palmetto Christian Pages – our 4th Edition, Fall 2019. I am thankful and
love the vision God placed on my heart for local Christian business owners,
professionals, non-profits and churches for the Myrtle Beach and surrounding area.

I am prayerful that this resource will continue to open up the opportunity for
Christian professionals to connect and allow consumers to see Christ in the talent
God has placed within us. As Christians, we must display Christ in all that we do!

This special section in the directory is to encourage you that “When your waves
crash…Remember, even the winds and sea obey Him.” Life can often take us down a
very unexpected, unplanned, and unwanted journey.  The journey is not what we
wanted, asked for or envisioned for our life. Yet, God does not waste a moment, an
experience, a heartache, a loss, a disappointment or any pain we have to endure
here on this earth.  We can choose to use it for His Glory!

One morning, I was taking a walk along the beach with my husband Rob. I was
looking down at all of the shells as I typically do. I love how the shells are so
symbolic of each of us. There are so many, different types, sizes, colors and so many
are broken. While I was looking down, picking shells…a wave out of no where came
and hit me unexpectedly. How symbolic was this moment? Life can hit us
unexpectedly! We have to keep our head up and keep our eyes on Christ. The
waves change. Some days they are calm and some days they are raging and come
without warning. But our God is never changing!

But don’t we question God when we are hit unexpectedly with a circumstance in our
life? Or when His timing for an answer is not our timing? Or when He seems distant
or silent in the moment when we are crying out to Him? My dear friend, this is the
time to draw even closer to Him. To lean on Him. We have to trust His perfect plan
even when we do not understand it in the moment.

In the moment of the biggest storm of my life, my toes where placed in the sand,
watching the waves roll. Complete peace came over me as I heard so clearly Christ
speak, "I can calm the mighty waves, I've got this… Trust me.” I was in the mix of a
storm that no other but Christ could carry me through. To now be on the other side
of this season, I am so thankful to have more faith, hope, and love than ever before.

He provides us the strength for yet another day. He gives peace when we feel we
cannot hang on another moment. Tough times come to us all, but I would rather
face each of them with Him, than without. I hope you have Him with you today so
when your waves come crashing, may He speak to the waves to be still.

With Love-
Amanda McDowell

…Remember, even the wind and sea obey Him!

-Matthew 8:27

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